From Passion to Protocols to Profit

From Passion to Protocols to Profit

As the largest provider for home sleep testing in the dental market, Ez Sleep is frequently sought after when a dentist plans to expand and improve the dental sleep medicine side of their practice. Once initiated into the Ez Sleep system, the office undergoes an extensive evaluation process. With decades of combined experience in the field, Ez Sleep has developed a process that has a strategic approach to every element one can consider.

“We ask practice owners to show me everything they’re doing,” says April Sallie-Juels, 

Executive Account Manager and Sleep Advocate at Ez Sleep, Thousand Oaks, CA. From there, we make adjustments that we know will be beneficial to the practice. Our solutions and protocols enable practices to get to the next level no matter what stage of development they are in. We take our proven guidelines, tailored for that practice, and implement.”

Last year, Sallie-Juels, Executive Account Manager started working with Harry L. Sugg, DDS, founder of Wheatland Dental, a 40-year fixture in the Dallas area. The relationship began with testing of former NFL Players at screening events and quickly grew into testing of the practice’s regular patients.

Within the second month of working together, Ez Sleep quickly identified Wheatland Dental had much more dental sleep medicine potential than was being realized. Feeling they could significantly improve their current methods and protocols for helping their dental sleep patients, Ez Sleep offered their proven Ez Sleep System with in-office live training.

“Part was clinical, part was protocols, and part was hands-on screening with real patients,” she says. Our programs include a dedicated practice trainer/concierge-level support, advanced screening forms, branded office promotional material, regular training webinars and more. We worked with them in Nov 2018, and at that time they had processed- two orders. After the training, Dr. Sugg had referred over 100 patients for home sleep studies by the end of December. And they ended up hiring a full-time sleep coordinator.”

Dr. Sugg’s success involves a willingness to accept change, as well as a desire for continued education. At least in the early days, Sugg admits: “We had no earthly idea about sleep. We had no idea about temporal mandibular joint (jaw joint) problems and all its pain and headaches, or whatever ideas we had were totally wrong.”

Sugg was well versed in oral appliances when he began work with Ez Sleep last year, but he was open to new ideas that have only helped the sleep side of the practice. Sugg has worked with retired NFL players to help the athletes and to help spread awareness. Sallie-Juels saw the NFL-related enthusiasm last year during a chance encounter with former Dallas Cowboy Derek Kennard.

“The day I completed staff training for Dr. Suggs’ office, Derek just happened to be there,” Sallie-Juels says. “And I got to wear his Cowboys’ Super Bowl Ring! When you’re able to treat retired NFL players, and when they have the ability to share their story about how getting screened, tested and treated saved their lives, it’s inspirational for other people to hear that. If these tough guys can talk about how they have been screened and treated, and how it’s changed their lives, it opens the minds of other people and can encourage others to do the same.”

Helping dental practices increase profit in the realm of oral appliances is a crucial goal for Ez Sleep & CEO Keith Woods. From the novice to expert, solo practioner to clients with multiple locations, Ez Sleep can identify methods to increase the pipeline of patients and case acceptance. “Dentists are in the optimum position for screening”, Sallie-Juels mentions. It all begins with screening, something Ez Sleep has mastered. So much so, Ez Sleep has courses dedicated to increasing screening performance and techniques in their DSM Learning Academy which features hours of online lessons and interactive quizzes. 

Being a dental friendly home sleep testing company with a massive network of physicians and dentists alike, Ez Sleep is a cornerstone in the foundation of that bridge. The Ez Sleep patient care team assists in coordinating multidisciplinary cross referrals for diagnosis and follow up therapy. Keith Woods says, “With any medical condition, doctors look for clinical proof that shows the effectiveness of their treatment; the way dentists can provide clinical proof is through efficacy testing with the oral appliance. Unfortunately, it is an important step that is overlooked more often than we would like to see. We [Ez Sleep] have systems and incentives in place that help our providers see more success in that stage of treatment.”

When multidisciplinary treatment is practiced, not just accepted, sleep medicine will continue to help the millions more people who go undiagnosed each year. “People ask me why I am still this passionate after all these years, Sallie-Juels says.  The simple answer is patient testimonials. Dentists are saving lives and increasing the quality of peoples’ lives. At the end of the day, it’s about saving and changing as many lives as possible”.