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Attention! Public Comment on Draft Guideline for Diagnostic Testing for Adult OSA

August 30, 2016
The ASBA strongly encourages its members to provide comment and feedback to the AASM, and remind the organization that trained dentists use HSAT to ensure efficacy of OAT, as well as gain patient compliance with OAT; often times, this is done working collaboratively with local sleep specialists.  In many cases, as patients are reluctant to go through the usual channels, the dentist is a first line of testing to recognize the sleep breathing issue.
The draft of guidelines appears to continue to constrict, restrict and otherwise make the sleep specialist the ONLY doctor that can administer/prescribe/issue HSAT (see page 12 graphic).  The narrow funnel for patients to gain diagnosis and therapy is already too small, and it looks like they want to make it a pinhole instead of a keyhole.
Knowing that statistics show fewer new MDs are choosing sleep as a specialty, this restrictive draft of the guidelines will only reduce the number of patients to get diagnosed and receive the proper therapy in a timely manner.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this correspondence and comment back to the AASM on this proposed update to the clinical practice guidelines.  The deadline to provide comment/feedback to the AASM is Wednesday September 7th.   The time to let your voice be heard is now. The draft guidelines and announcement by the AASM can be found at and all comments, completed disclosure forms and any questions can be submitted to
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