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Call to Action from Congressman Marty Russo!

May 3, 2016


ASBA members, you need to be heard! This is a great opportunity to weigh in and make a difference. This is an email I received from Congressman Marty Russo. If you want Oral Appliance Therapy to have its place with Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (what a funny movie that was) we need to get on this. On a serious note, this is a great opportunity to weigh in and share your expertise with influential policy makers.
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration:
We saw 16 really solid comments which are clearly from ASBA folks (including several of you). This is 6% of the total of 274 comments.  Many of the other comments are not from experts so it’s more impactful than the small percentage suggests.  But more comments will clearly strengthen your case tremendously.
 Federal Railway Administration:
There are only 8 comments from ASBA folks - a subset of the same comments mentioned above.  This means 8 of the FMCSA comments were not repeated on the Federal Railway Administration regulation.   You may want to remind people to make sure they comment on both sites - and if they left out FRA, go back in and make the comment.  On the FRA, there are only 26 total comments so far.  That means ASBA folks represent 31% of total comments!!  There is real opportunity here to totally dominate the comment field if more comments are made.
The following link will take you to the directions and walk you through what to do, step by step.
Your comments can make a difference to transportation safety by giving the government the facts about dental sleep science!
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