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David Gergen Invites Dentists Nationwide to Attend Pro Bowl Symposium and Witness a Live Hospital Health Screening for NFL Greats

December 22, 2016

David Gergen, CEO of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy (ASBA), invites any dentist interested in witnessing a hospital full health evaluation for NFL greats and learning about their opportunity to become the dental component in their NFL city at no cost. Members will be able to attend a private party with the players, enjoy dinner at Fleming's and take part in an NFL sleep symposium for CEs.


  1. Saturday Jan 28- Learn basic sleep science. You will also learn how to get 20 patients in your office every month all of who are diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, pre-authorized  by the insurance company and have all the documentation necessary to ensure the highest reimbursement possible.
  2. Saturday Jan 28- Attend a live PPHA screening where you will see the designated PPHA dentist in action, seeing over 70 NFL players.
  3. Saturday night Jan 28- Attend the actual party.  For those of you who are sports fan this is enough of a reason to come.  The pro bowl party has all the greats in one room and you will join them.


For more information, email David Gergen at or call 602-478-9713


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