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Dental Office DIY Cleanup TIP

October 15, 2015


In 2013 I visited with Dr John Viviano in Mississauga ON. I noticed an interesting device hanging on the wall that he used for easy cleanup of acrylic material from working with sleep apnea oral appliances. I was really impressed by the simplicity of the device and I asked Dr Viviano to share with us this interesting tip.


The outcome of brainstorming can be truly amazing; even when it’s unplanned.  We were standing around in my new office that was being preped for treating Sleep Disordered Breathing and I simply stated, “I hate the acrylic that ends up all over my shirt after

Simple low cost acrylic dust vacuum for the dental office

adjusting these Sleep appliances”. One of the installers suggested, “you should consider a household central vacuum system that can be purchased at any Home Improvement store”. The handyman on site followed up with “you could build a shelf at the height of your choosing”. Someone else said, “yes, and you could use the toe-kick attachment they use for sweeping into for homes”. I followed up with “I know exactly the guy to build the shelf to my specs (the cabinet maker)”.  See the end product in the picture; it works great! ……Too bad life issues weren’t all so easily resolved. Maybe we don’t brainstorm enough…

John Viviano DDS has a practice limited to sleep disordered breathing in Mississauga, ON Canada

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