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Dr. Harry Sugg: Supporting an Academy That Fights on Your Behalf

November 10, 2017
NFL Legend Eric Dickerson, David Gergen, Dr. Harry Sugg

NFL Legend Eric Dickerson, David Gergen, Dr. Harry Sugg

When considering the political/NFL ties the American Sleep and Breathing Academy (ASBA) holds, value in being a member and advantages over non-members certainly becomes apparent. However, that isn’t the only reason the ASBA has become the fastest growing academy in the field of dental sleep medicine. Under the direction of David Gergen, the academy really focuses on a multidisciplinary approach. Having worked for pioneers in orthodontics and dental sleep medicine, David understands what we as dentists treating OSA need to be successful which translates to an overall improvement on patient outcomes and industry advances. Simply putting it, we have an academy fighting on our behalf.

Since 2012, the ASBA has had representatives of the academy meet in Washington D.C. with senators, congressmen and legislatures in charge of rulemaking relating to our field. Oral appliance therapy hasn’t been properly recognized as a legitimate treatment option; in my humble opinion the ASBA is about to change all of that. The medical profession has never been truly educated on oral appliance therapy and achieving level ground starts with us dentists obtaining the best possible education.

For example, in our industry we have a very disappointing situation occurring with large companies who grew off the backs of trained and established sleep dentists hiring kids right out of school with no sleep experience and providing a measly nine hours of online education and calling them experts. Our industry has been undermined enough. Dr. Elliott Alpher was first to tell me, “The ASBA is the only sleep academy fighting for the dentists’ rights in the OSA arena. The efforts will become stronger as the ASBA grows. The more members we have the more firepower we’ll have. I am so pleased that I have joined this academy.” I urge any dentist who is interested in sleep medicine to join the ASBA like I did and stand proud.


-Dr. Harry Sugg, DDS

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