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ASBA News Flash - American Board of Sleep and Breathing to Provide Certification of Dentists in Dental Sleep Medicine

December 20, 2016

The American Sleep and Breathing Academy, the premier teaching and training academy for Dental Sleep Medicine, is happy to announce that in 2017 it will form a separate entity to certify dentists in Dental Sleep Medicine. Starting in 2017, the American Board of Sleep and Breathing, a Michigan company, will evolve out of the ASBA certification program and exist purely for the certification of dentists in Dental Sleep Medicine.

The ASBA, a non-profit company, will be responsible for teaching and training with its study clubs, literature reviews and Annual Meeting. The American Board of Sleep and Breathing (ABSB), will be composed of the most credentialed doctors in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine. Dentists that complete the ABSB certification program will know that they have taken part in a rigorous process that enables them to create a superior product. It will enable them to treat more patients with oral appliance therapy and positional therapy, in a more efficient and cost effective manner. Our mission is to help dentists so that they not only know how to treat patients, which they are already licensed to do, but also are able to educate the community on the dangers of obstructive sleep apnea, alternatives to treatment, and know how to navigate in the medical world. Helping our great nation with a disease that is 90% undiagnosed, is and always has been our primary focus.

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