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John Nadeau VP | SGS Invites You to Attend the ASBA Sleep and Wellness Conference

February 9, 2017

John Nadeau

Nearly 17 years ago when I started my sleep journey as an outsider, excited to learn from and be mentored by the grandfather of dental sleep medicine – the late Dr. Ed Spiegel. I attended and eventually helped teach courses that spawned a whole new generation of dental sleep medicine practitioners and watched Dr. Spiegel share truly groundbreaking techniques that were far ahead of their time.


The ripple effect of these programs and the countless lives that have been saved by this teaching is what keeps me going today but we are still not there, not even close. Too many dental offices are blissfully ignorant and even the ones who are doing this could be doing it so much better - this is what drives me to continue honing and sharing this message with others; “Do no harm, learn correct techniques, improve your skills, provide excellent patient care and we can all make a profound difference”.


As someone who has witnessed first-hand the rise and decline of several dental organizations and academies related to sleep medicine, I spoke with American Sleep and Breathing Academy CEO David Gergen about their goals for dentists. He explained that their mission is to make a dent in the sleep universe. This Academy wants to make peoples lives better and grow their dental practices. Instead of just preaching WHY dentists and dental teams need to be involved, the focus is on HOW to actually do it… successfully!. A novel idea that seems to have been missed by other organizations over the years. It is in this regard that I’m pleased to be sharing my small piece of the dental sleep medicine puzzle at the Sleep and Wellness conference, April 21-22 in Phoenix, AZ.


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John Nadeau     Vice President | Sleep Group Solutions

John Nadeau Vice President of Sleep Group Solutions will introduce a process for screening, case presentation and clinical records that enables dental practices to increase case acceptance, reduce time and increase overall treatment efficacy with oral appliances by incorporating real-time objective measurements of airway parameters. This lecture will include a hands-on demonstrations that also incorporates analysis of vertical dimension as an important parameter in determining oral appliance starting position.

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