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Senate Committee Provides Response to ASBA Trip to Washington D.C.

October 21, 2016

In June of this year under the direction of David Gergen, CEO of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy (ASBA), more than 300 comments were submitted by ASBA members to regulators charged with overseeing the transportation industry. Evidence of the positive impact made by ASBA members commenting was clearly seen when the regulators extended the commenting period. Fast forward three months later and you can find the ASBA in Washington D.C presenting to a Caucus Committee of the U.S. Senate on behalf of dentists nationwide. “The goal is to make oral appliances the true benchmark for mild to moderate sleep apnea,” says Gergen. “Now we have received a response regarding our September meeting in Washington and plans are being made for us to go back. This is a excellent sign we are making progress.”

The ASBA is now waiting on a ruling by the Department of Transportation. When the ruling has been officially announced, the ASBA will return to Washington D.C. and continue to fight for dentists’ right in the field of sleep medicine. David Gergen says, “Dr. Elliott Alpher has been key because he is right there in D.C. When we need something done, Dr. Alpher has been able to mobilize quickly and attend meetings with congressmen and senators because of his ideal location and respectability.”

Gergen announced, “Although the previous meeting produced a compelling message to congressmen, senators and law-makers that hold influential positions there will be some changes made to the team to add more firepower to the presentation.” He will return with more NFL superstars and the ASBA board has agreed to add Dr. Rod Willey to the team. Gergen and Alpher are strategizing right now to maximize the impact by tapping into executive director Alan Hickey’s vast knowledge of computer graphics and digital imagery. Hickey acquired the knowledge and experience during his time spent working with Disney Dreamworks.

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