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Sleep Problems in Millennials -

January 27, 2017

The crossroads of lifestyle and current age range of Millennials present significant sleep challenges to this important population. For Millennials are essentially guinea pigs, the first generation raised entirely on portable technology and social networks, where a 24 hr lifestyle is now the norm. This new lifestyle collides with the normal physiologic changes which affect individuals in the Millennial age range, and together these factors can wreak havoc on one’s sleep.

sleepTech2The recommended number of hours of sleep needed for normal age populations has recently been updated. Authorities now suggest that a normal adult needs 7 – 8 hrs of sleep a night, a young adult needs 7 – 9 hrs, and teenagers require an extended 8 – 10 hrs of sleep for optimal health. We know that 85% of teenagers are not getting the amount of sleep they need. It is generally best to get all of one’s sleep in a single, consolidated, uninterrupted sleep period. This allows the brain a chance to advance through all the different sleep cycles (light sleep, delta wave sleep, and REM sleep). A good night of sleep will have the correct proportion of each of these sleep cycles and will lead to improved mental and physical health, improved attention, improved memory and learning, and overall a better quality of life. Insufficient sleep can be associated with inattention, behavioral / work problems, learning difficulties, increased risk of accidents / injuries, and a higher risk of diseases s/a Hypertension, obesity, Diabetes, and Depression.

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