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ASBA Dentist Dr. Bill Williams Will Be Helping Former NFL Players With Sleep Apnea In Atlanta

July 21, 2016
Roy Green, Andre Collins, David Gergen

Cardinals Legend Roy Green, NFLPA Director Andre Collins, ASBA CEO David Gergen

The Living Heart Foundation and Pro Player Health Alliance, with support from the Professional Athletes Foundation and National Football League Players Association, will continue working with former players to research heart health through its Living Heart Foundation research screening program.

“When a player’s athletic career ends, the level of exercise is reduced dramatically while caloric intake often remains high. This could lead to obesity, along with other serious comorbidities,” said Andre Collins, Executive Director of the Professional Athletes Foundation and NFLPA Director of Former Players. Pro Player Health Alliance teamed up with the Living Heart Foundation to provide additional education regarding sleep disorders. The goal of Pro Player Health Alliance is to provide healthy long term solutions for NFL players with sleep disorders and spread awareness together across the nation.

The next health evaluation in collaboration with Pro Player Health Alliance/NFLPA will be July 23, 2016 at the Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital. Special advocates are going to include two of the greatest WR of all time- Julio Jones and Jet Stream Roy Green. Roy has been the driving force behind the huge success of Pro Player Health Alliance’s awareness campaign-connecting thousands of former players with doctors for testing/treatment. Green’s passion for the cause is fueled by his own personal experiences-three heart attacks and two strokes. After being successfully treated for obstructive sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy he has had zero reoccurrences of heart issues, yet he is aware that damage has been done and is adamant about preventing this from happening to anyone else.

Pro Player Health Alliance selected Dr. Bill Williams, DMD of Suwanee Dental Care to provide oral appliance therapy for patients when it is medically indicated. “Public awareness and engagement, is key to the success of Pro Player Health Alliance and its members. Dr. Williams is a member of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy, sitting for Diplomacy in September. Pro Player Health Alliance only partners with members of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy to ensure patients are treated by the most experienced and educated dental sleep professionals in the country. We are confident he will provide elite quality patient care and are excited to work with Dr. Williams and his staff as well as continue to refer current/former professional athletes to his practice in the future.” –David Gergen, CEO of Pro Player Health Alliance.

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