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Pro Player Health Alliance CEO David Gergen and Cardinals Hall Of Fame Roy Green Meet with Matt Fish, President of NBRPA Phoenix Chapter to Discuss Former Player Health Improvement Plans

July 21, 2016

Pro Player Health Alliance (PPHA) CEO David Gergen, Cardinals Hall of Fame Roy Green and Matt Fish, Phoenix Chapter President of the NBRPA met in Phoenix, AZ today to discuss health improvement plans for retired NBA players. The plans will include health evaluations and incorporating testing/treatment for sleep disordered breathing into overall health evaluation programs. Upcoming meetings are already scheduled in the NBRPA, meaning PPHA will select a dentist to oversee the dental sleep medicine portion of the screenings in the coming months. With the first health evaluation for retired NBA players being located in Phoenix, AZ, PPHA will be reviewing Arizona dentists who are Diplomates in the American Sleep and Breathing Academy.

In collaboration with PPHA, the chosen dentist will have the opportunity to treat former NBA players for obstructive sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy when medically indicated and after being properly tested for the sleeping disorder according to state guidelines. The dentist that is selected will also be featured in the official magazine of the retired NBA, "Rebound Magazine" and the official magazine of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy, "Sleep and Wellness Magazine". Rebound Magazine reaches over 250,000 elite readers and grows each issue. Readers include Current and Former NBA, WNBA, ABA, Harlem Globetrotter players, NBA and team executives, NBA team owners and NBA Season Ticket Holders.

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