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Sleepiness as a Measure of Quality of Life

July 5, 2015

Monster_TruckThe vocabulary of life quality "Pep", "Vigor"and "Energy" are inseparable from a discussion of sleep quality. Dr Richard Drake recently published this article which examines "tired" as a key indicator of a potentially deeper and more important condition, Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

"Tired and fatigued don’t always mean sleepy.  If you had to choose just one word that best describes you most of the time, what would it be?    One word.  One thing.  If you could fix THAT, what would it be?   I am a dentist, and I have devoted the last fourteen years of my life to  treating the snoring and sleep apnea patients of the world with Mandibular Repositioning Devices.   My patients usually describe themselves as sleepy, but in the same breath, many of them also say they are fatigued and tired.    Do you snore?  Are you sleepy?  Have you had a sleep test to look at whether or not your airway is closing down at night while you sleep?   If not, then I would suggest you start the process immediately to get a test done.   You don’t have to go to a sleep lab to get this done; many patients now do sleep testing in the comfort of their own home, just hooking up a couple of wires."

Evaluation of sleep quality as a measure of quality of life is really important and should not be overlooked. Naturally there are other conditions that will affect sleep quality. Sleep Hygiene, Vitamin D deficiency and thyroid problems. Key to separating these these issues and receiving treatment is to see a trained sleep professional.


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